With my music, I aim to portray Africa in a different light compared to the political and economical instabilities, corruption, wars, famines, and poverty associated with Africa and to let people know about the beautiful and loving side of Africa.

Through music, I seek to change the CONSCIOUSNESS of the people of Ghana and Africa, thus taking Africa from an era of superstition, fear, greed, wars to a new era of PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT, ABUNDANCE, BEAUTY, PROSPERITY, and JOY.
I seek a complete spiritual change of Africa and that people from all parts of the world who feel in harmony with my truth, who feel they can assist in this change -- mentally, emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually -- can help create a bond of perfect understanding between all people on Mother Earth.

For: We are all Children of God (WAACOG).

I wish I had known all the Spiritual Truths I know now when I was 3 years old.

For growing up in the Tafohene’s house (Tafohene owned the four storey building in which lived about 15 families) in Kejetia, Kumasi, and in Techiman, Ghana, the rule of behaviour for all to follow was:

Is what I AM doing making everyone’s lips go up to heaven? If it is, then keep on doing it!

Is what I AM doing making everyone’s lips go down to Earth? If it is, then stop it!

If only the same rules applied to Africa and the world today! But alas...........!

I play music, one energy emanating from the Source of all life that is unadulterated by Humans, to help create a better world.
I teach guitar and African percussion in numerous schools in West Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey in the UK to show the beautiful and loving side of Africa.


Let all music be the energy that forever binds all people together in perfect love, peace, and joy!