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Kristian Bediiako - African Rock/Blues Guitarist

Much as there are thousands of world renowned rock/blues guitarists in the world they have all come from the Western half of the world. To my knowledge, there has never been one world-renowned AFRICAN ROCK/BLUES GUITARIST.

I have never seen or heard of an AFRICAN ROCK/BLUES GUITARIST. I have made extensive searches for an AFRICAN ROCK/BLUES GUITARIST and all I have come across is a new genre of African Blues music which has surfaced primarily in the Northern part of Africa and there are numerous excellent guitarists of this new genre.

However, so far as I know, there is no AFRICAN ROCK/BLUES GUITARIST in the world and if there is then she or he is not world renowned.

Since no ROCK/BLUES GUITARISTS are coming forth to add their names to this list, I have decided to get the ball rolling and asking the people of the world to add my name, KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO, to the list of AFRICAN ROCK/BLUES GUITARISTS.

And many will ask:

"An African playing music of such alien culture?"

And I answer:

"No! A fusion of colours;
A cross fertilisation of ideas, technology, culture;
A unification of minds;
An understanding of one another;
A fusion of Africa with all leading to a world of perfection."

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